TinyPilot (2020 - present)

TinyPilot is a small, inexpensive device that gives you remote access to servers before they even boot.

Refactoring English (2021)

Refactoring English: Effective Writing for Software Developers is my upcoming book that teaches developers practical tips to improve their writing.

Hit the Front Page of Hacker News (2021)

Hit the Front Page of Hacker News is my video course that shows how I write high-quality blog posts that succeed on tech sites like Hacker News and reddit.

ResticPy (2021)

A minimal Python wrapper around the restic backup utility.

Portfolio Rebalancer (2020)

Portfolio Rebalancer shows investors on what funds they need to buy and sell to achieve their target asset allocation.

WanderJest (2020)

WanderJest helps fans find local live comedy and helps comedians grow their audiences, but is currently on hiatus due to the global pandemic.

What Got Done (2019)

What Got Done is a weekly task journaling site that lets users record their accomplishments and share them with teammates.

Is It Keto? (2018 - present)

Is It Keto allows provides a simple way for users to discover whether particular foods are compatible with the keto diet.

Zestful (2018 - present)

Zestful is a collection of APIs to help recipe app developers better understand their recipes.

KetoHub (2017)

KetoHub is an aggregator for keto recipes. It allows you to search recipes across different keto recipes and filter by meal type.

AllYourTexts (2011 - 2015)

AllYourTexts is a Windows desktop application that allows iPhone users to view, search, and visualize their text messages (SMS/MMS/iMessage). It’s no longer compatible with modern versions of iOS, but it still works for old phones. It used to be a paid application, but it is now and free and open-source. During its paid lifetime, it sold 919 license keys and earned over $4,500 in revenue.