Is It Keto? (2018-present)

Is It Keto allows provides a simple way for users to discover whether particular foods are compatible with the keto diet.

Zestful (2018)

Zestful is a collection of APIs to help recipe app developers better understand their recipes.

KetoHub (2017-present)

KetoHub is an aggregator for keto recipes. It allows you to search recipes across different keto recipes and filter by meal type.

AllYourTexts (2011-2015)

AllYourTexts is a Windows desktop application that allows iPhone users to view, search, and visualize their text messages (SMS/MMS/iMessage). It’s no longer compatible with modern versions of iOS, but it still works for old phones. It used to be a paid application, but it is now and free and open-source. During its paid lifetime, it sold 919 license keys and earned over $4,500 in revenue.

Hobby projects

I occasionally take on software projects to help myself learn new technologies. Here are a few learning projects I’ve taken on:

GreenPiThumb (2017)

GreenPiThumb is a system for automatically watering a plant and monitoring it via web dashboard. It runs on the Raspberry Pi, a low-cost, single-board computer.

Technologies: Raspberry Pi, Python, AngularJS, D3.js, Ansible, Flask, nginx

ProsperBot (2016)

ProsperBot is a peer-to-peer lending robot. It subscribes to the Prosper API to discover new, available loans to invest in, then purchases those loans and monitors their status over time in a web dashboard.

Technologies: Go, Redis, D3.js, Ansible, Prosper API, AngularJS, nginx