A Follow-Up and Space Duck

The response to yesterday's post about leaving Google has been unexpected and overwhelming.

It was extremely gratifying to hear that my story resonated with so many people. Hundreds of readers from a variety of industries all across the globe have written me to tell me how they related to my experience. I've never written anything before that's generated such a strong a response.

At the same time, it's unfortunate to hear how widespread this problem is. I hope that further conversation about the topic drives companies to improve their promotion systems so that fewer employees get caught in these career traps.

Thanks to everyone who read the post and who reached out via email and comments. I'm reading them all and responding to as many as I can.

Introducing Space Duck

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that one of my post-Google ideas was to build on top of Sia, a decentralized storage network. I haven't started any software projects yet, but as I research the technology, I've been keeping my thoughts in an additional blog called Space Duck. So far, I've only written about Sia, but I will ultimately cover all of its competitors as well.

It will differ a bit from mtlynch.io in that it will cater to a more specific audience. On mtlynch.io, I try to make my posts interesting and accessible to anyone interested in the topics I write about. In contrast, Space Duck will assume the reader has some familiarity with cryptocurrencies and distributed storage. If this sounds like a blog you'll like, give it a read and sign up for the mailing list.

You can still expect to see a new post on mtlynch.io about once per month, as usual. I will continue to write about software development and my various personal projects. I have a long backlog of ideas for this blog, and I now have much more time to give these topics the attention they deserve.

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